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The Glide

Article By: Tony Ciarelli
Huntington Beach High School
Throws Coach

The Start

  • Balanced and Relaxed
  • weight on a flat right foot
  • shoulders back and down, wrapped around the right leg
  • left leg relaxed and toward the front of the ring
  • left arm back and relaxed
  • shot under the chin
  • eyes on focal point or horizon

The Kick

  • The left leg is brought up and under the hips, knees together, left toe pointed down
  • The body should unseat and the left foot should be shot low and to the toe board, left knee should snap
  • Shoulders stay back and low, left arm back and relaxed
  • Right foot should be flat
  • Eyes on focal point or horizon

The Pull Step

  • At full extension of the left leg, the weight should shift on the right foot and should come back on the heel with the full extension of the right leg
  • The shoulders should start to rise slightly
  • The right foot should be pulled up and under the right hip, and should land as close to 90 degrees in the middle of the ring as possible, on the ball of the foot, heel up
  • The left foot should land at the base of the toe board at about five o'clock
  • The shoulders should be back over the right knee with the left arm and eyes still pointing back to twelve o'clock

The Delivery

  • The Delivery
  • Drive the left arm out wide and away from the body
  • Pivot the right knee to the landing area
  • Drive the right hip up and to the the landing area
  • Double pivot, blocking the left leg
  • Keep the shot back, separate the right hip from the shot, create torque
  • Bring the left hand to the left shoulder and block the left side, lift and open the chest

The Release

  • The Release
  • Drive up through the whole right side, leg, hip, shoulder, arm
  • Keep the right elbow pointed out and away from the body, thumb pointed down
  • Punch the hip and chest toward the landing area, and extend the arm with the hand flicking out and away
  • Stay tall during release, eyes and chin up
  • Transfer weight from right to left and chase the shot

The Recovery

  • Upon the release of the shot the eyes should turn to 90 degrees
  • The right and left legs should reverse with the right foot landing flat
  • The left foot should be kicked up and the back of the ring
  • Gain control and reach for the middle of the ring, do not look to the landing area

Article By: Tony Ciarelli
Huntington Beach High School
Throws Coach

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