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Articles By Jack Ransone, Ph.D: . Associate Professor of Human Performance, Oklahoma State University USATF Coaching Education Level II and Level III Instructor.

Energy Demands and Event Specific Exercise Training:
In athletics today, some coaches succeed and some fail. What determines success and failure is dependent on many variables and, in the words of one famous coach, "a little luck."

Training the Middle Distance Runner:

While performance continued to improve for United States Olympic athletes through the 1980's and the early 1990's, the recent world competitions has shown that this improvement has stalled. Previous improvements were, in part, the result of continued development of training methods and coaching education through increased influence of science.

Training the Track & Field Athlete Through the Energy Systems:
In track and field, as in many other sports, theorist and practitioners reside in different camps with inadequate communications. The blame rests with all of us. Coaches are responsible for the effectiveness of their training methods. New techniques allowed to remain in the minds of scientists or on silent pages in trade journals do nothing for the leaders of track and field.

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