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Eating Disorders with Female ENDURANCE ATHLETES
Article By: Penny Sparks.
The most serious side effect from the pressures females face in their athletic careers is eating disorders. Eating disorders have risen drastically in the last ten years, especially among young female athletes. Athletes obviously have to perform publicly in highly competitive situations, but this is something that, for the most part, they enjoy. But too much outside pressure can lead to many negatives, including eating disorders. One reason female endurance athletes are so susceptible to eating disorders is that they are lead to believe that there is only one body type that will be successful - the 12 year old look. Therefore, they must have very low body weight in order to be competitive... Eating disorders, however, are not that simple.

The Effective Use of Positive Statements with Athletes
Article By: Brad Donahue, Ph.D.
As indicated by Randy Rossi in the Psychology section in the coacheseducation.com web site the use of positive feedback is essential to the effective development of athletes. At all levels, positive statements (i.e., words of encouragement and support) are associated with enhanced performance in training and competition, less stress and anxiety, greater enthusiasm to pursue sports, greater motivation to train hard, greater resistance and recovery to injuries, longer and more pleasant sport careers, and better team cohesion. Of course, the use of negative statements (harsh criticism, pointing out weaknesses) usually lead to opposite effects. Given the benefits of positive statements in athletics, the focus of this article will be on the use of positive statements that may be administered to athletes immediately prior to, and during, athletic training or competitive events.

The Total Athlete
Article By: Tim Butler
A good coach will always seek ways to make their runners successful. Doing everything in their power to have athletes reach their potential becomes paramount to the most competent coaches. Where do they look to accomplish this altruistic goal?

Articles By Randy Rossi: Irvine High School, Irvine, California.

Building Self Esteem Through Positive Feedback
I have said before that I believe that self-esteem plays an extremely important role in the success of both an individual and a team in cross country. In fact, I am more convinced than ever that the effort to build self-esteem is one of the most important elements of the cross country program at Irvine High School. I continue to find that the easiest way to begin to build self-esteem in an athlete is through the use of continual positive reinforcement.

Professionalism between a Male Coach and a Female Athlete
A coach plays an extremely important role in the development of a young athlete. Everything that a coach says and does have the potential to leave deep and lasting impressions on an athlete. It is the sincere hope of every coach that the impressions that we leave be of a positive, meaningful nature. Therefore, it is important that we recognize that this is not always the case. As coaches, we must carefully weigh our words and actions so as not to negatively influence the athletes with whom we work.

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