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Mental Strategies

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I am having problems with my high school athletes psyching themselves out. I was wondering if anyone had any specific visualization or relaxation techniques that they use to help their athletes. Thanks!
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Here are some ideas that you can discuss with your athletes: Think about future races-that gives you a goal to train for. One goal is to improve your times. Think about winning races. Think about other athletes out there doing more training than you. Pick a race to specifically shoot for, and then train for it. You want to be the best. Visualize winning over and over again. Be a competitive person. Reaffirm your racing goals daily: Race to challenge yourself and to break personal records. Work backward from a specific big race and set out what you want to achieve in the short term. Stay motivated by wanting to stay healthy. Always have a race to get ready for. Tell yourself, "I really want to get tough". Tell yourself there's no pressure. Just go out and feel good and compete. Just let it happen.
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