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Hi Coaches
Help if you can. I am new High school coach, and I'm having a hard time training kids for the 800m. because we have snow on our track, and we don't have a indoor track. what do I do.
My background is in Jumps not 800 and above.
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800 Meter Training

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Workouts for 800 meter runners during the Precompetitive Phase

100 meter workout:
1-2.5 seconds slower than best effort over the distance
16-20 x 100's with 2-3 minutes jog rest

200 meter workout:
Race Pace
12-16 x 200's with 2-3 minutes jog rest

400 meter workout:
Race Pace
4-6 x 400's with 2-3 minutes jog rest

600 meter
4 seconds slower than Race Pace
4 x 600's with 2-3 minutes jog rest

If the athlete cannot achieve the times desired during the interval workout, or if the recovery time exceeds the above prescribed, the athlete must discontinue the workout.

Workouts for 800 meter runners during the competitive phase.

800 Meters - The Competitive Phase

100 meter workout:
All out
10 x 100's with 2 minute jog rest

200 meter workout:
4 @ 2-4 seconds slower than race pace with 2 minute jog rest
4 @ race pace with 2 minute jog rest
4 @ 2 seconds faster than race pace with 2 minute jog rest

400 meter workout:
all out
3 x 400's with 5-8 minute recovery

600 meter workout:
race pace
3 x 600's with 100 meter jog rest

Note: I have had the opportunity many of times hearing and meeting with Coach Joe I Vigil, Ph.D. in California and especially in the summer, one time at Mammoth. We sat sitting down at a coffee shop, and at a restaurant, coach Vigil shared "Acceleration Workouts" before his book was published "Road To The Top". In another time he also share Advanced Cross County Clinic information: What's wrong with American Distance running, Philosophies of Individual and Team Harmony, Basic to advance cross training programs, Adaptation to work loads, and in the end of the clinic there was questions and answer session.

Coach Vigil has a new book I highly recommend "Chasing Excellence".

This last season 2023 I used Coach Vigil recommended workouts mentioned above and some tweaking his workouts, we had a 800 runner run 1:54, he enjoyed competing in High Jump, Long Jump, alternating 400's and 800's he also wanted to compete in the 4x400 relay. I tried very hard to keep his events down to two in the dual meet, I told him to compete in one event at the invitationals. I told this athlete towards at the end of the season to drop all of his events, except the 800. I told him he had a chance to qualify to the California State Meet, he runs the 400 meters in 51 second. He didn't listen, continued to compete in four events. He didn't get pass the CIF preliminaries, he wasn't prepared, he was tired and fatigue he wanted to win all four events at League Finals before the CIF preliminaries meet, he won all four events, it was his choice. We talked to the athletes at the beginning of the season, telling them to prepare in an event that they can succeed at the end of the season and to stay focus on the training. Our goal is development and be realistic. We tried to teach athletes to listen to their bodies and monitor training responses and fatigue.
In the future the notes that Coach Vigil shared I will post. I will be posting future legendary coaches notes who I have had an opportunity to meet personally. They have all given me permission and handed me personal notes and handouts to my surprise. Great coaches that I have an opportunity to meet had no problems sharing their notes in making athletes better and improve their personal record.
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